Antique and Modern Furniture Restoration

Restoration and Repairs

Complete Range of Antique and Modern Furniture Restored and Repolished:
For antique furniture with real provenance generally, in terms of restoration, less is more. Unnecessary work will often de-value a piece, and therefore the original patina should be retained and revived wherever possible. However often more is required due to shrinkage of timber, old glues drying out, sun or water damage and general wear and tear. Wood can be matched and replaced, blistered veneers relaid, missing veneers matched and replaced using traditional methods and glues. Modern furniture can be restored to showroom condition. From small repair jobs to complete restoration projects I can offer the perfect solution.

I have a long term working relationship with Philpotts of Hitchin and as such I can offer an inclusive upholstery service in combination with the restoration of chairs and other upholstered items.


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Above Image: Antique serpentine-fronted mahogany cabinet. Treated for woodworm. Fully repaired, including rebuilding rotten feet and repairing shrinkage splits to doors and relaying all blistered veneer work. Missing veneers matched and replaced. Stripped and completely repolished.




Antique inlaid mahogany roll-top bureau. Sliding mechanism completely repaired. Missing and blistered veneer work and missing mouldings matched and repaired. Washed back and sympathetically repolished. Poor quality Edwardian plate handles and escutcheons replaced with good quality Georgian cast copies.



Rebuilt and fully restored antique oak funeral cart with ash wheels. Extensive woodworm infestation treated, with badly woodwormed and rotten timber cut out, matched and replaced. Woodwork fully stripped and refinished. Iron work restored and repainted. Vulcanised rubber tyres formed and replaced.