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Piano casework finishing requires particular care and attention to detail. Existing finishes can be repolished to repair small areas of damage. Severely damaged, bleached or crazed finishes generally require stripping off before repolishing. Careful preparation including steaming out indented damage and re-glueing bistered veneers is essential to achieve perfect results. Previously ebonised pianos can be re-ebonised. Mahogany, walnut or rosewood pianos can be finished to the required matching shade. A mirror like piano finish requires a dust free environment and countless applications of French Polish, heavier shellac mixtures or modern lacquers followed by spiriting off - there are no shortcuts.


I have a long term working relationship with Rick Ohlendorf, a local highly skilled and qualified piano tuner and technician and as such we can offer full and complete restoration of piano casework and mechanisms. Working together we have fully restored many pianos including several Beckstein and Steinway Grand Pianos. Please feel free to email Rick with any piano mechanism or tuning enquiries

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Fully restored Eavestaff 'Mini-Grand' Arts and Crafts style piano. Mouldings repaired and replaced where missing. Split panels repaired. Casework completely stripped down, limed and colourwashed to match original finish, and fully repolished. Details on mouldings and panelled scenes, which were largely missing, were researched and completely repainted to match original.



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Rare satinwood Bechstein Grand piano (circa 1905) with matching piano stool after complete restoration and re-upholstered in Bechstein blue fabric. Damp storage conditions led to substantial water damage, which required extensive re-veneering and marquetry on all leg sections and around piano body to match the original satinwood, tulipwood and kingwood. The piano was fully stripped down and French Polished to return it to it's original glory.